Dear ReadersHere are some delightful little stories that are a companion resource to Pre-School Reading Success in Just 5 Minutes a Day that will enchant as well as bring glee and joy to your child, and perhaps a smile from you. I am demonstrating the basic and beginning phonetic sounds here as well as a few variations, and before you read a story, I will prompt you to sound out each letter. Please emphasize this sound to your child as you read through the story. I suggest that she has some familiarity with these sounds as taught in my book. Read the stories very slowly while emphasizing each letter sound.  Ask if she hears and understands the sound, and define the words if she doesn’t know them.

These stories are part of an interactive system that I created which worked beautifully for my students, children and grandchildren who became good readers by the age of four and five. PRESCHOOL READING SUCCESS IN 5 MINS A DAY link is on this site.

Reading is the first big educational challenge for a child, and to get them going in this very positive direction will greatly influence their entire schooling and educational experience. It is a joy to see. Have fun with these short imaginative stories that will delight them, and I hope you as well… Louise



Alexander was awkward and apologized for falling into his Aunt Annette’s aquarium. That’s absolutely all right you amazing, adventurous, and amusing child. I think that I will arrange for you to be an acrobat. Above all, I appreciate that you apologized. I adore you, you awesome child. So let’s clean up, and have some apple juice and animal crackers. Next time, you can have an aquatic adventure in my pool, and not in my aquarium.




Bella Blue the butterfly, blew bunches of bubbles into the bright blue sky. Her bunny friends, Blossom and Beverly helped bake birthday cakes, and bounce beach balls. They blew bundles of kisses to all who passed by, and to the beautiful birds high in the bright blue sky.
Bubbles the baboon bellowed at breakfast. What a beautiful bunch of bananas, fresh baked bread, bacon and a whole bottle of milk. He was a big boy with a big appetite. He loved baseball, bicycles, balloons, and big fluffy blankets on his bed. His Mother, Barbara Baboon had three other babies, and loved to play bingo, but always took beautiful care of all of her boisterous baby baboons.



Daisy the dog was dusty and dirty because she had been digging in the garden all day. Her paw nails were disgusting and needed a polish, and her eyes dropped down to the ground. Daisy, Daisy don’t dawdle and droop…Please come here. Digging in the daffodils is not right. So they kissed and they hugged, and now Daisy is OK, but dirty dogs are not.

Duncan, the dinosaur, didn’t like to go to bed. He dawdled and disappeared. But soon he would get drowsy, and down on his pillow he would go. His Mother, Dixie, gave him a kiss and said, “have a drink of water and dream happy dreams.” So he dreamed about his friends, Dobby and Duffy dinosaur as they drove in a double decker bus. Let’s go to Disneyland to ride on the dazzling rides, and dance with Donald Duck. They asked for directions, and into their dreams they drove.




Fiona, the flying fish was flamboyant and fine, but a little too fussy. She wanted everything just so. She finished her fruit cup and flip flopped around. Oh where, oh where are my fan and my fun? She was a femme fatale and a floozy, and she knew it, but everyone flocked around. So Fiona flew over the ocean with a flurry of friendly fishes all around.
Felix the cat loved fancy feasts. He had a fine face and fabulous fur. He always ordered fresh flowers from the florist, and on Fridays invited all of his friends over for a first class fiesta. They sat on the floor by the fireplace, and drank a few fizzes while picking fleas from each other’s fur. They ate French fries and frittatas with frozen fruit freezes while following their fortunes and futures. Their tails were fluffy, the food was fantastic, and their fabulous feline friendships were forevermore.